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BlitzBlue G2
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Product Information

Hands-Free Talk - With our custom multi-function microphone button, you can talk safely and easily keeping your eyes on the road. Automatically mutes when a call is received and resumes when call is ended.


Noise Cancellation - The BlitzBlue G2 with its CVC Noise and Echo Cancellation allows crystal clear conversations. Designed for the car environment – engine noise, car fan noise, road noise all are neutralized by up to 99% of the cars ambient noise.


Music Streaming HD - Listen to your music or other audio, including Internet radio, from your Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly through your car in High Definition.


Voice Command - Voice Command Activation through the BlitzBlue G2 via a button, you can access Siri or Google Voice with ease and full functionality.


Auxiliary Input - The Auxiliary Audio input capability will allow you to add a secondary audio input from any headphone output device such as a MP3 player, DVD player, Satellite Radio, Game Systems, and many more.


USB Charger - The USB charger port will allow you to charge any USB device such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Galaxy Phone, etc.


Multi-Function Microphone Button- The multi-function microphone button is the approximate size of a dime. With a button press you can access your voice control, such as Siri or Google Voice, change songs, answer and decline phone calls, call back, and switch from Bluetooth Audio to auxiliary input.


Pairing Options - Allows any previously paired mobile phone to automatically re-connect to the Bluetooth interface. Can be paired with several phones.


Vehicle must have a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input jack to use this product.

This product can be added to a car specific Blitzsafe Auxiliary Interface.




Product Code 764244 112898
Manufacturer Blitzsafe
Condition New
Weight 1.000lb

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Great Option / easy to add

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I added the Bluetooth to my Subaru and it works great. It was easy to put in my car and the sound is super clear. The hands free calls are also clearer than most Bluetooth's I have used. I am a happy customer. (Nov 29 2017, 00:16 AM)

Easy to add

1 2 3 4 5
I got the Bluetooth about a week ago and I have to say it was so easy to add it to my Mini Cooper, which had an aux audio input. It sounds great and the hands free calls is really clear on both sides of the conversation. It's a high quality bluetooth and not like others that fall apart within a week. I recommend the Blitzsafe. (Oct 23 2017, 22:00 PM)

Great Product & Perfect Sound

1 2 3 4 5
My car did not have bluetooth, although it did have an aux input, so I was so happy when I found the BlitzBlue G2. I had help with the installation, but it seemed really easy. The calls are very clear on both end of the conversation and being able to use voice control is so great. The music sounds perfect. Great product. (Oct 12 2017, 23:15 PM)

Works Perfect!

1 2 3 4 5
My car did not have Bluetooth, however it did have an aux port in the center console compartment and the BlitzBlue G2 was exactly what I needed. It was very easy to add. The sound is super clear and the hands free calls sound like a landline call. It works perfect every time I get into my car. Thank you Blitzsafe for the perfect Bluetooth upgrade. (Mar 05 2017, 04:07 AM)

Best Bluetooth

1 2 3 4 5
This is the best Bluetooth. I added the BlitzBlue G2 to my 08' Range Rover Sport and it was so easy to install. The hands free calls are so clear on both sides of the conversation and the music can't get any better. I can also use any device which is great since I am an iPhone user and my wife Samsung, and we can both be paired. I really like using it for my texting through Siri. The staff at Blitzsafe was great, they helped me alot and their Bluetooth video also helped me with the install. Thank you Blitzsafe for a great product at a great price! (Feb 22 2017, 20:30 PM)
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